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Unsigned album launch gives voice to local songwriters

A CD featuring local unsigned songwriters from the East of England is due to launch in Peterborough next month. The album, called Unsigned in the East, is a new concept that gives unsigned musicians a platform for their songs to be heard by a wider audience, and hopefully achieve recognition by professionals in the music business.

The launch of the CD on Friday 21 June at Peterborough’s Radius Club, will be hosted by Peterborough FM City Buzz DJ Brian Watson. The launch is expected to attract an audience of 350 original music lovers. The CD will then go on sale on popular music download sites and will be available in some local high street music shops.

Unsigned in the East is the brainchild of Jed Wild, who runs Cherry Tree Recording Studio in March. Commenting on how he came up with the concept, Jed said: “I was watching a popular talent TV programme one Saturday night, and it struck me that the music Industry is in dire need of a shake up. In terms of creativity, mainstream talent shows remix cover songs for acts to perform, with little effort from producers - and certainly no room for originality. I thought - enough is enough - we need to find and promote the real original talent in our local communities - and give them a voice.”

Jed believes that while the music scene in the East of England is dominated by cover bands and tribute acts, people still want to be able to watch and hear original local music.“I believe there is an audience, particularly in the East of England, that is drawn to local original music and who want to hear more of it. However there are only a smattering of venues that will feature original bands. Likewise local commercial radio stations will only play music by signed artists - but there are some - like Peterborough FM - that are open to giving air time to local original music and who are willing to feature local talent live on their shows to differentiate themselves from commercial radio and stimulate their listeners’ interest.”

With this in mind Jed came up with the idea of creating an album featuring a range of local artists. “The Unsigned in the East Album will help regenerate the local original music scene by giving local original music fans what they want, help local artists showcase their original talent to a wider audience - and hopefully help them gain recognition from professionals in the music business.”

Working together with co-producer Will Cottis, Jed used Facebook and a song competition to generate the interest of original songwriters. Their efforts attracted numerous songwriters from Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk, who jumped at the chance to take part in the album venture. Ten acts with their own unique style and music genre, have been selected to feature on the album. 

They include: Bourne’s The Conspiracy Club, Peterborough’s The Deuce Coupe, Wisbech band Marotte and Kings Lynne duo House of Sparrows; female singer songwriters Jules Morgan and Kristy Overland, as well as rappers Reece Ellis (known as TKIC) from Gedney Hill,  Franko Fraize from Thetford , The Naughty Step and SkyFight both hailing from Peterborough

According to Jed, one of the most inspiring acts is Reece Ellis, who lives in care. Reece’s teachers had discovered he was writing lyrics and approached Jed to find out his potential as a rapper. Jed comments: “When we first heard Reece we were amazed by his talent and creative writing skills. He began attending the studio every week and we recorded his lyrics onto backing tracks.” Performing under his rapper name TKIC, Reece performed his album track FAILURE NOT AN OPTION live on Peterborough FM for DJ Brian Watson’s City Buzz show.

Recording began last Autumn and the studio has already made good headway in promoting the acts. Peterborough FM has featured virtually all the performers on their shows. The launch is being hosted by the station’s City Buzz presenter DJ Brian Watson. Podcasts of the live performances are available to download from Peterborough FM.

Videos of the studio performances and artist interviews can be viewed on the Unsigned In the East’s dedicated Facebook page and YouTube channel. Tickets to the launch event cost £3 per head and are available at the Solstice and from the Cherry Tree Recording Studio. To find out more about the album and ticket sales, contact Jed Wild on 01354 638 326 or 07522 487000.

About the acts

THE CONSPIRACY CLUB. Hailing from Bourne the four piece band with ages ranging from 14 to 18 have excellent rock influences. Their track is CIRCLES.

DEUCE COUPE is a trio from Peterborough. They play 'a unique and yet instantly recognisable’ sound. With a diverse range of songs that have a strong indie rock style'.

The track they have recorded for the album is called ‘IT'S COOL’

MAROTTE from Wisbech is bringing audiences a new wave of British heavy metal. Headlining this year’s PEACOCK FESTIVAL. Their track is I AM I'M ME.

HOUSE OF SPARROWS from King’s Lynn are duo influenced by songwriters such as Adele and Ed Sheeran, their Unsigned in the East track is called OCEAN

JULES MORGAN from Market Deeping Jules’ plays jazz tinged folk inspired songs on 12 and 6 string guitars. Jules’ track is called OUT.

KRISTY OVERLAND together with her backing band - brothers Gary and Rosco Read on guitar duties and Lee Bigland on Bass - Kristy;s debut track is called CHALLENGE.

FRANKO FRAIZE with a session on BBC Radio One under his belt and videos on TV, Franko is a rapper from Thetford. He says: 'I am a man from a small town in England making songs about my small town in England.’ His track is called EVERYTHING I KNOW with backing track melody composed by Cherry Tree’s own producer Will.

REECE ELLIS aka TKIC Just 15 years old, Reece performs under his rapper name TKIC. His track is called FAILURE NOT AN OPTION.

THE NAUGHTY STEP, a band of misfits, hailing from Peterborough have recorded their song Faith, Fate and Understatements

SKYFIGHT, A Female fronted 4 piece pop punk band, coming from Werrington  and have recorded Matrix

Editor’s note

  • The Radius Club above The Solstice in Peterborough has been booked for the album launch party and live gig on 21 of June 2013. The lineup of acts includes DEUCE COUPE, FRANKO FRAIZE, THE CONSPIRACY CLUB, JULES MORGAN TKIC KRISTY OVERLAND and THE NAUGHTY STEP. Peterborough FM’s own BRIAN WATSON is host.
  • For more information contact Jed Wild on 01354 638 326 or 07522 487000.

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