Get the ultimate “Studio Experience” at Cherry Tree Recording Studio

If your a budding pop star then The Starmaker Package is the ultimate Studio experience for you.

Follow in the footsteps of the stars...

The Package

4-Hour recording session in a state of the art recording studio
A fully experienced friendly sound engineer/producer who will help and 
guide you through the session.
10 finished CD masters of your recording
Free Refreshments 

The Day

You’ll be greeted by our friendly engineer who will take you on a 
tour of the studio and explain how the day will pan out.

Your chosen songs will be loaded into our system ready for the 
recording to begin

You’ll be taken into the vocal booth where you’ll practice you song whilst the engineer gets the correct recording levels, therefore easing any nerves

Once everything is set the recording process will begin 
(don’t worry if you make a mistake, we can re-record 
at any point in the song to correct any errors)

When the recording is finished the engineer will mix your vocals 
in with the backing track, and by using various effects will make 
you sound like a pop star. 

The mix will then be stored on the computer ready to burn onto you CD.

That’s It!!!

First song finished and time to move onto the next.
Once all your songs have been recorded and mixed they 
will then be burnt on to a CD.
During the session you can take as many photos as needed to
always have a constant reminder of your special day

The Results

A professionally recorded CD of your songs expertly 
mixed and mastered to the highest standard, to take home

Be the envy of your friends once they hear your recordings

An enjoyable recording experience that you will remember and 
cherish forever

Who knows, this could be the start of a budding pop career…….

This fantastic studio experience is available Mondays to Fridays

10am to 2pm all for £130 all inclusive.

The Starmaker is the perfect gift for budding pop stars of all ages and abilities!, and an ideal present for a 
single artist or group parties from birthdays to hen nights.

Unlike many other studio experiences, you can record and mix as many songs as you like within the given time.

For a little extra, the package can be purchased for weekend use

The Starmaker recording experience, can be purchased as a personalized gift voucher, please email for details

© Deborah Wild 2013