Great news if you need to record a demo to promote your band!

Due to demand we have introduced the no frills Demo Deal.

Using our Back line and drums, turn up, tune up and play whilst we record up to 24 simultaneous tracks to Logic

The 4 hour, 4 song, demo deal is just £125, however you will also receive a CD of your work which includes full colour print on the CD face and plastic wallet.

Additional hours for this deal are charged at just £20 per hour

Multitrack recording:

We take pride in getting the best possible result for every band we record. We have the experience and all the right gear; but if you want your recording to sound like a record, not a cheap demo, you have to put the time in.

There is no way around it, getting professional release quality results takes time.

We work with bands from many different genres. Every project is different, but here is a rough guide to how we like to work:

Typical 4 piece band recording 3 songs:

Day One, drum tracking of all 3 songs, editing.
Day Two, continue editing drums, record bass, start on guitars.
Day Three, finish recording guitars. Record vocals.
Day Four, any remaining overdubs, start mixing.
Day Five, Mixing.

You should normally allow at least one full day per song (excluding mixing) as a rough guide

The cost of a multitrack recording is £150 per day, with a discount for block booking, starting at 10 am and finishing at 4 pm

Vocal recording:

Getting a release quality vocal sound is not as easy as you might think. You need the right equipment and the right expertise, otherwise you can end up with a dull, lifeless recording. Whether its pop, soul, rock or hip-hop, we have the gear and the expertise to make your voice shine.

Our engineers are exceptionally fast and efficient allowing you to spend more time recording your vocal and less time editing.

If you want to record a cover song we can normally provide the backing track for a very small fee

Please see NEWS page for details of gift certificates for special occasions

Music Production:

We can provide complete music production for virtually any genre.

Before we decide to take on your project we will schedule a meeting where you can discuss the nature of your project with the producer. It is helpful if you can bring reference material to help describe the sound you want to achieve.

If the producer feels you can work successfully together you will discuss timescales and we will start to book your sessions in


   We mix all of our projects in house charged at the standard rate of £25 per hour.

   We can also mix or remix projects recorded elsewhere. If you would like us to mix your recordings we will need the stem files. This means we need each separate part of the song as a WAV  file, preferably at 24 bit resolution.

The time it takes varies from project to project. Very often a project that has been mixed badly somewhere else can be totally transformed into something you can be happy with, however In some instances we may suggest re-recording as the best option

The One Stop Shop

We now offer a 'One Stop Shop' to all artists that come through our doors

Recording, mixing and mastering your material, 

A professional Photo Shoot, either on location or in our studio including green screen and props

A Video shoot, either on location or in our studio as a studio diary

Promotion on line, in stores, wherever you'd like to be seen

Logo design and artwork undertaken

Printing, runs of up to 100 full colour printed CDs and Jewel Cases, posters, banners and other promotional material

Music uploaded to iTunes, Amazon, Etc

Distribution CDs distributed to all independent music shops

You can opt for the full one stop shop package, or cherry pick the bits that you would like, please phone us for details

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